We as a team of photographers and videographers at FamZing Studios get to travel to many different venues across the state of South Carolina and we wanted to share some of our favorites along with some images from the beautiful weddings we have captured there.

Here is the TOP 20 Barns of the Upstate!

1. Arabella Farm

Arabella Farms

Recent Weddings at Arabella Farm: Tiffany + Andrew

Arabella Farm is located in Sunset, South Carolina and is one of the largest event venues in the upstate, holding 150-450 guests for an event.

2. Arran Farm

Arran Farm

Recent Weddings at Arran Farm: Caitlin + Johnathan

Arran Farm is located in Easley, South Carolina and is accompanied by a reception barn and a ceremony chapel, providing a venue for both wedding events!

3. Aurora Farms

Aurora Farms is located in Taylors, South Carolina. With a beautiful tree behind the barn for ceremonies, this venue is a gorgeous option for brides in the upstate.

4. Baxter Farms

Baxter Barn

Recent Weddings at Baxter Farms: Danielle + Kenny

Located in Pickens, South Carolina, Baxter Farms is a rustic venue with beautiful mountain views.

5. Belleview Meadows

Belleview Meadows

Recent Weddings at Belleview Meadows: Alexus + Dennis | Penelope + Christian | Marie + James

Belleview Meadows is a gorgeous barn in Fountain Inn, South Carolina. With large fields and a lake on property, it has many opportunities for gorgeous photos.

6. Charlyn Farms

Charlyn Farms

Recent Weddings at Charlyn Farms: Sydney + Richard

Located in Marietta, South Carolina, Charlyn Farms is a rustic barn tucked away in deep in the woods for a beautiful private wedding or event.

7. Edgewood Farm

Edgewood Farms

One of the newest venues to the upstate is Edgewood Farm! Edgewood Farm is an upscale barn with chandeliers and wedding party cabins all located in the quiet town of Townville, South Carolina.

8. Famoda Farm

Famoda Farm

Recent Weddings at Famoda Farm: Tess + Patrick | Jessica + Luke

Famoda Farm is located in Taylors, South Carolina. It is a family operated farm and they are fully invested into your wedding or event that takes place at their farm!

9. Forevermore Farm

Forevermore Farm

Recent Weddings at Forevermore Farm: Shannon + Jody | Leigh + Bob | Erin + Doug | Jilian + Dale | Carly + Andrew

Forevermore Farm is located in Moore, South Carolina. This property is very unique as it has two venues located on its property to have your wedding or event at: the Barn and the Stables.

10. Lindsey Plantation

Lindsey Plantation

Recent Weddings at Lindsey Plantation: Melissa + Jacob

Located in Taylors, South Carolina, Lindsey Plantation is strung with beautiful lights and decorated with antiques that would fit the design of anyones wedding day.

11. Ole Blue Truck Farm

Ole Blue Truck Farm

Ole Blue Truck Farm is located in Gray Court, South Carolina and is a beautiful modern but rustic farm.

12. The Venue at Rose Springs Farm

Rose Spring Farms

Located in Travelers Rest, South Carolina, The Venue at Rose Springs Farm is a great option for those looking for a venue that provides most of the amenities needed to have the perfect wedding day.

13. Sawyer Family Farmstead

Sawyer Family Farmstead

Recent Weddings at Sawyer Family Farmstead: Amanda + Dustin

Sawyer Family Farmstead is a beautiful farm set in the mountains of Glenville, North Carolina.

14. Sleepy Hollow Barn & Plantation

Sleepy Hollow

Recent Weddings at Sleepy Hollow: Janna + Mark

Located in Clemson, South Carolina, Sleepy Hollow Barn and Plantation is a quaint antique brick barn, perfect to house any occasion.

15. South Wind Ranch

South Wind Ranch is set on a gorgeous piece of property in Travelers Rest, South Carolina that includes a lake, chapel, barn, bridal suite and guest house! We cannot wait to capture a couples big day at this location.

16. Southern Oaks

Southern Oaks

Recent Weddings at Southern Oaks: Stephanie + Clayton | Courtney + Samuel

Located in Gilbert, South Carolina, Southern Oaks is a great option for those looking to get married in the Columbia area but still have a touch of the rustic mountains. With 3 barns, a chapel, and two decks, there is so much to choose from at Southern Oaks.

17. Sunset Farm

Sunset Farms

Recent Weddings at Sunset Farm: Victoria + Zachary

The Barn at Sunset Farm in Union, South Carolina offers a spectacular view and peaceful location for your event with a beautiful view of the upstate’s breathtaking mountain sunsets.

18. The Barn at Sitton Hill Farm

The Barn at Sitton Hill

Recent Weddings at The Barn at Sitton Hill Farm: Presley + Logan | Brittnay + Jason | CJ + Austin

Located in Easley, South Carolina, The Barn at Sitton Hill Farm has unique walls that open up to the gorgeous views surrounding the property that gives a perfect touch to anyone’s wedding or event.

19. The Oaks Wedding Venue

The Oaks

Recent Weddings at The Oaks: Chloe + Brandon

Sitting on over 200 acres in Anderson, South Carolina, The Oaks is a beautiful piece of property with many different locations on property such as Oak Terrace, The Veranda, White Oak Grove or Oak Pier to adventure to and capture on a wedding day.

20. Windy Hill Wedding & Event Barn

Windy Hill

Recent Weddings at Windy Hill: Hannah + Kyle

Located in Simpsonville, South Carolina, Windy Hill Wedding & Event Barn offers a mix of southern elegance and modern amenities to accommodate any type of wedding or event.