Thanks for checking out Alexus and Dennis’ Wedding Day at Belleview Meadows!!

Here is their story:

Dennis and Alexus went to the same highschool, but never talked. Fast forward two years later, two of their really good friends thought it would be a good idea to set us up. They ended up meeting to hang out just for the heck of it and at first she didn’t like him but she liked his truck. They ended up talking and hanging out more and here they are four years later getting married!

And when the big questions was asked:

Dennis and Alexus love Zac Brown Band, so for Valentines she got tickets to go in October. October came and they were at the concert, when they got there, you know you have to take everything out of your pockets so Dennis had already thought this through and had rapped the ring and placed it in his dip can. (Alexus had no idea of this until after the ride home, she had even held his wallet keys and THE DIP CAN!!!) When they finally got to their seats, he went to the bathroom and got the ring out and put it in the box and then came back. Once he got back, Alexus went to get drinks and while she was gone he let the people beside them know what he had planned and if they would be willing to video it for him. So when Alexus got back, these girls beside them just kept smiling and staring and she just kept thinking “what is going on is something on my face or something?” Finally, Zac Brown Band plays “You Make Loving You Easy” and that has been their song since day 1! So Alexus turned around to start singing to Dennis and he is on one knee! She was COMPLETELY SHOCKED and had no idea! They had talked about getting married but she didn’t expect it! She cried and of course said yes and everyone around was cheering! They could not stop smiling that whole entire night!

Wedding Venue: Belleview Meadows