Thanks for checking out Marie and James’ wedding at Belleview Meadows!

Here is their story:

Online dating website Coffee Meets Bagel.

And when the big questions was asked:

He is the bagel to my coffee or at least that is how the dating app matched us up. It all began with a mutual liking of each other’s profile. The app gave us 7 days to talk and after that it was up to us to decide the next steps. We both took a chance and began messaging through Facebook to continue to get to know each other. After a few weeks of Facebook, I boldly asked if we could text instead which allowed our communication to become even more frequent. Then on Sunday September 24, I was working and I get a text from James asking if I would have dinner with him when I got off. I was caught off guard but so excited he asked me. He told me not to worry about being in scrubs or how I looked because I had a natural beauty. We had our first date that night at the Outback in Easley. Our first date was sweet and perfect, we stood in the parking lot for a solid 30-45 minutes after the restaurant closed just so we could keep talking. We saw each other again a few days later and since then we have been inseparable. It was obvious to both of us from the beginning we had something special. Our first “I love you” came quickly and fairly soon after we knew we wanted to marry each other one day. I told James often he could ask me with a ring pop and I would say yes to forever with him. Finally on May 18, 2018 James drove me up to pretty place at Camp Greenville, the weather wasn’t super cooperative but he wasn’t going to let that stop him. We had the coolest drive up there with all the fog and the trees were all so green and vibrant from the rain. Shortly after our arrival the only other person around left and it was just me and him. He told me he loved me, and that he had a question to ask me here at my favorite place. He got on one knee and asked me to marry him and presented me with the most beautiful ring. I said yes! Now we are looking forward to our future together as husband and wife!

Thank you to all the incredible vendors that made this day the perfect one it was:

Wedding Venue(s): Belleview Meadows

Caterer: Henry’s Smokehouse & Pure Culinary Creations

Wedding Dress Vendor: The Dress