Thanks for checking out Penelope and Christian’s Wedding Day at Belleview Meadows!!

Here is their story:

Penelope and Christian have been long time friends. They decided to try dating and grew closer to each other because of their similar interests. They both enjoy rock climbing, hiking, biking as well as other various outdoor activities. They are both also very active in the health care field as Chrisitan was just finishing paramedic school and Penelope was volunteering for the American Lung Association. Over the years they have traveled a lot together, learned more about each other, and watched their relationship grow.

And when the big question was asked:

Penelope and Christian went to Bridge Day in Fayetteville, WV. They were on the side of the gorge in the rain, slightly damp, and covered in mud helping beley as people rappelled down off of the 876 foot New River Gorge Bridge above their heads. They were in their harnesses making their way down the gorge back to the main trail using a hand line and ascenders due to how steep the terrain was. Penelope was struggling with some of her gear and was moving quite slow. Christian got her attention and crouched down to propose leaning into the hand line for support to keep him from falling. She said “YES!”

Thank you to all the incredible vendors that made this day the perfect one it was:

Wedding Venue: Belleview Meadows

DJ: Pronk Entertainment Group
Caterer: Henry’s Smokehouse
Wedding Dress: David’s Bridal
Wedding Pies: Bossy Baker
Bartender: Liquid Catering