Thanks for checking out Natisha and Brandon’s Wedding at Ole Blue Truck Farm!!

How they met:

We met online, on Facebook. We got put in the same group chat then we went to our own chat and started talking from there.

And when the big question was asked…

It was Christmas day and he was acting normal throughout the whole day. We were all in our pj’s and I wanted it to stay that way going to his mother’s house. We went to her house and started opening up Christmas gifts. Everything seemed normal. Then his mother came out with a big box acting like it was heavy and put it in the middle of the livingroom. She said it was for me and so I got up, everyone was staring at me so it made me feel weird, and started opening it. There was these little lights and I believe flowers in it with a little box in the middle. I pick it up and there was the ring and I turn around to Brandon and he was on one knee. Best day ever.

Wedding Venue: Ole Blue Truck Farm

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