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How they met:

We met over 10 years ago when I was a young starry-eyed college girl. I had befriended a wonderful group of girls and we were living out our college days to the fullest. We would go out on the town and two of my close friends, Meriel and Kayla would sometimes bring their older brother/cousin out as a “chaperone.” (Jacob later admits that he would accompany them to see what kind of pretty girls they were hanging out with.) As my friendships grew deeper with these girls their families became my in-state family. Any holiday I was unable to be at home I was with them. This continued on after college. I often told the girls that I would be family one day, one way or another knowing and keeping an eye on Jacob…. mostly teasing with my remarks as we were both in different relationships over the years AND HE WAS OLDER……. I am telling on him now but over the years he kept up with what I was up to as well. He may not have asked directly but would lean in a little harder and listen a little more intently when his sister and cousin would talk about their friend Rebecca and what she was up to. After relocating back to Kentucky for a while and a few visits down to visit my home away from home in 2017 numbers were exchanged.

And when the big question was asked…

We went to my parent’s home in Kentucky for Christmas 2020.  Jacob has previously arranged with my dad and had booked a family dinner at The Castle of Versailles.  After Christmas, my dad said that there was one more gift for the ladies  (me, my mom, sister, daughter, and nieces) to open.  My dad brought out formal dresses for all of us and said that there would be a fancy dinner we would be going to the next night and that these were the dresses to wear to the occasion.  The next night we went to dinner at The Castle and Jacob had arranged the ring to be placed with dessert.   I opened the dish and there was the ring, Jacob simultaneously dropping to one knee.  I said yes of course!


Wedding Venue: Zen

Hair and Makeup: Collective Beauty
Wedding Cake: Couture Cakes of Greenville
Catering: Holmes Catering and Events
Wedding Dress: The Poinsett Bride
Florist: Jess’s Wildflowers
DJ: Kalu Records and Entertainment


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