Thanks for checking out Christiana and Josh’s Wedding Day at the Westin Poinsett!!


Here is their story:

Josh and Christiana met through their mutual love- theatre! Josh was performing in “A Few Good Men and Kate”, the only lady in the show, had a couple of friends come out, Christiana being one of them. Josh and Christiana met briefly at a pub that night. Both confided in Kate about how cute the other was. However, nothing came of it… Six months later, John Fagan (the director of A Few Good Men) was attempting to recruit Josh for the Upstate Shakespeare festival that summer. Josh, not being well versed in Shakespearean theatre, was apprehensive. This is, of course, until Mr. Fagan mentions that Christiana will be partaking in the thespian shenanigans in the park that summer. Needless to say, Josh promptly agreed and their fate was set. After several weeks of flirting and courting, they showed up to a post rehearsal dinner, hand-in-hand, and the rest is basically history.

And When the Big Question Was Asked…

Josh and Christiana were both cast in Upstate Shakespeare Festival’s production of Romeo and Juliet last summer. During the curtain call of the second to last performance of the show, Josh brought Christiana to center stage and proposed to her in front of their largest audience yet (1,000 people)! Christiana was caught COMPLETELY off guard. However, she soon realized what was happening, nodded her head and squeaked out, “yes”! It was especially meaningful since Upstate Shakespeare Festival is the very thing that brought them together in the first place.


Thank you to all the incredible vendors that made this day the perfect one it was:

Wedding Venue: Westin Poinsett

Wedding Coordinator: Sprague Events
Wedding Cake: Tasteful Elegance
Caterer: Westin Poinsett
Ceremony Music: Collective Music Solutions
Florist: Greg Foster
Wedding Dress: The Castle
DJ: Pros Only Entertainment
Live Stream: Uptown Entertainment


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