Viewpoint at Buckhorn Creek is such a great place to get married, and it is no surprise as to why Sarah and Elyse chose it. #teamfamzing started the day with capturing all of the details of Sarah’s dress. It was David’s Bridal.

We captured some very lovely photographs of Elyse as she got ready for the big moment. She was feeling thrilled and was so excited to see Sarah!

How They Met:

She worked at Riverbanks Zoo and I started volunteering in her department.

The Proposal:

She got my friend to convince me to go skydiving while I thought she was at work. She was on the ground with our parents and close friends that were all holding a giant sign that said ‘marry me’. I could read the sign while I was in the air and my skydiving instructor got everything on camera!

The big moment arrived, and we loved the look on Elyse’s face when she saw Sarah for the first time.

The Viewpoint at Buckhorn Creek wedding ceremony was perfect.

Our night continued with Party Machine introducing the new couple, and the celebration continued. Party Machine from the first dance to the last dance kept everyone entertained.

To top of the night, the food was catered by Bagatelle and was unique and delicious all at the same time!. The Cake provided by Publix was not only beautiful, but was delicious.

Our night came to a close with saying goodbye and enjoying watching the guest dance the night away! Give Sarah and Elyse some love in the comments below to help them win some awesome wedding stuff!

Special thanks to the vendors that made the day a huge success!

Officiant: Meghan Sparkman
Cake Vendor: Publix
Hair Stylist: Cotton Rouge
Make Up Artist: Cotton Rouge
Wedding Dress Vendor: Davids Bridal
DJ or Band: Party Machine
Event Coordinator or Planner: Laura Barsh
Flower Vendor: Expressions Unlimited
Caterer of Food: Bagatelle