Thanks for checking out Charlene Mae and Darwin’s Wedding at St. Mary Magdalene Catholic Church and The Hollow at Paris Mountain!!

How they met:

Charlene Mae and Darwin met online on a Catholic site, but they met in person a few months later in Dubai, UAE.  Darwin knew before then that he didn’t want to let her get away.  He knew when he met her that he didn’t want to waste the time they have, because he knew he was finally with the right person.  They visited the Dubai Frame, then had a night date at La Perle.

And when the big question was asked…

Charlene Mae and Darwin were in Paris.  It is nice to change venues since they see each other overseas, and Charlene Mae works in Dubai.  He couldn’t pass the metal detector screen at the Eiffel Tower, so he had to discretely show security the ring, which took tact, but then they were happy about it.  They went up to the top.  It was rainy and cold, December 1st, 2018.  Darwin found a corner less hit by the wind, got on one knee, and asked Charlene Mae to marry him.  He said “I won’t ever forget, she asked, “Are you serious?”, like 3 times, and I said “yes” 3 times.”  He looked deep inside himself, and something told him to stay there, humble himself, and wait for an answer.  She said yes.


Wedding Venue: St. Mary Magdalene Catholic Church | The Hollow at Paris Mountain

Wedding Cake: Kathy & Company
Caterer: Chef360

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