Thanks for checking out Travis and Ashley’s Wedding at Revel Event Center!

How they met:

Ashley and Travis met at a football party that was hosted by both of their best friends who were married to each other. Ashley was sitting down watching the Dallas cowboys play the Raiders and Travis sat down on the couch across from her and asked her what team she was rooting for and when she said the cowboys the jokes began and never ended. When Ashley left, she received a call from a number she didn’t know and when she answered, it was Travis asking her to dinner and from then until now they have been inseparable.

And when the big question was asked…

It was Mother’s Day May 9 2019 we were getting ready for dinner with my family as we do every holiday. This day were eating at Longhorn. We pull up to the restaurant greet my family and right before we walked in to be seated our 1yr old Zoë walked around the corner with a sign that said “Will you marry my daddy!” and behind her was Travis with the ring! A very special moment for us!

Wedding Venue: Revel Event Center

Caterer: Larkin’s Catering
Wedding Cake: The Sweet Life
DJ: Disc Jockeys Now
Wedding Dress: Dimitra Designs
Florist: Vachy’s Creations

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