Anju & Jeremy’s Occasions at Wedgefield Wedding was perfect and beautiful. We were so happy to be the Wedding Photographers and Wedding Videographers for the Wedding day!

Anju & Jeremy’s Occasions at Wedgefield Wedding  was perfect and beautiful. We were so happy to be the Wedding Photographers and Wedding Videographers for the Wedding day! 

Anju planned out every moment of the day, and had the wonderful staff at Occasions at Wedgefield to help her dreams become reality. Team FamZing Photography & Video arrived to capture the special moment before the wedding, and found a super excited Anju and Jeremy as they prepared for the day they had been waiting so long to have. It was finally here! 

The ceremony was set outside in the garden, and it was gorgeous! Jeremy had so much love in his eyes when he saw his perfect bride come down the aisle. 

The night was filled with celebrations and dancing, and we even such out a few times to capture some more wedding photography with the two of them.

Enjoy our favorite below!




Wedding Dress Vendor: DAVIDS BRIDLE