Thanks for checking out Rachel and David’s Wedding at Lion’s Gate Manor!!

How they met:

We met through mutual friends at church and ended up going on a trip with a mix of these friends. We ended up talking more and more through the trip, right before I moved for PA school, and then after that, we really did not spend much more time apart before I moved. The rest is history.


And when the big question was asked…

We were in Virginia visiting friends and spending the weekend at an Air BnB. We went for a haunted downtown Fredericksburg Tour with two of our closest friends that I met in PA school. After this, we went back through to one of the tour spots because it was this beautiful lit up historic home. He proposed there! I was so excited and he was crying, bless him. Pretty typical of us haha. Then we wrapped up the evening with The Melting Pot.


Wedding Venue: Lion’s Gate Manor

DJ: Jumping Jukebox
Caterer: Holmes Catering

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