Xiaowen (Lynn) & Eric The Club at Keowee Key Wedding and Reception was one that these Greenville Wedding Photographer’s will not soon forget!

Xiaowen (Lynn) & Eric The Club at Keowee Key Wedding and Reception was one that these Greenville Wedding Photographer’s will not soon forget!

We started the day capturing Xiaowen (Lynn) getting ready for her big day. Her dress was perfect and it was a traditional white, full length wedding gown.She had another dress form China, for after dinner. It was a Chinese, red dress called a qipao. 

Eric was beyond excited to see his perfect bride, and told us about their story…

They met in 2008 in Guangzhou, China when he went there to work for the language company EF. They had an instant connection, and fell not only in love with each other, but with living life with each other.

A very cool moment of the wedding was that they used an antique silver knife that we the groom’s parents used at their wedding on Sept. 17th, 1966. They were celebrating their 50th Anniversary the same month!!

After the perfect ceremony at The Club at Keowee Key, everyone headed to the reception to enjoy a cocktail hour with the perfect weather outside..

The wedding colors of Red, Orange and Fall Colors were perfect, and we loved their inclusion of Red, a Chinese tradition.

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