An Indian-American Wedding that was so incredible at the Embassy Suites in Greenville SC! This is why we love being a Wedding Photographer!

It was the most perfect day for Sarah and Rahul, and after a long courtship and even longer time in medical school they deserved every wonderful moment.

We knew that during the engagement session, that Sarah and Rahul were a perfect match, and we loved how humorous and in love they were. They each bring out something very special about each other. 

This Wedding day for the FamZing team was a bit unique. Sarah and Rahul, along with their families, were celebrating 2 ceremonies that day, one for each of their cultural backgrounds. One for Rahul’s Indian Heritage, and the other for Sarah’s American Heritage. 

Arriving early at the Embassy Suites in Greenville SC, we found a very happy and excited Sarah who was getting her hair and makeup done by Katie Cotton of Cotton Rouge

As Sarah was being dressed in her sari, Rahul was getting ready to take part in the barat. There was so much beautiful dancing, and the colors were astounding. We loved how everyone was so excited and smiling celebrating with Rahul!

The ceremony was gorgeous, from the exchange of the VarMala (The Bride and groom exchange colorful garlands of flowers on a small but decorated stage called a Mandap), to the Kanya Dann (where the Bride’s family formally hands over their daughter to the Groom’s family. It’s a symbolic ceremony which involves the first family) the love and join of the families was perfect!

After a small break, we did a first look with Sarah and Rahul, now in there traditional wedding attire. We loved Rahul’s face when he saw Sarah in her wedding dress for the very first time!

The second ceremony took place near the garden pavilion at the Embassy Suites, this time a traditional American Wedding Ceremony. Even after 2 ceremonies and a very long day, this crowd was ready to Party! With the music and master of ceremonies being led by DJ Vik and his team, dancing, laughter and fun were had under incredible decorations.  (Just check out the Wedding Photography of everyone dancing…a hundred plus people was epic)

Special thanks to Jennifer Dennis of Love This Little City for her coordinating of the day!

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