Thanks for checking out Nicole and Ben’s Wedding Day at Duncan Estate!!

Here is their story:

Ben and Nicole first met when he was volunteering for college credit at a United Way afterschool program in good ole’ Morgantown, West Virginia (they both went to college there; and Nicole was an AmeriCorps member & his ‘boss’). After a few months, Ben scammed her phone number out of her -just a fact haha- and Nicole is grateful every day for the snow day that had her let her guard down!

They’ve taken the last nine years to party and celebrate with friends, travel the world, explore the oceans, eat amazing foods (and not so amazing foods – looking at you squid-stuffed cuttlefish bocadilla), learn so many things about themselves and each other, buy a house, love the best dog in the world, grow up together and meet so many truly amazing people that are still in their lives.

And When the Big Question Was Asked…

In December of 2019, Nicole and Ben took a trip to go scuba diving in Cozumel, Mexico. As per usual Ben planned every aspect of the trip; but surprisingly enough he left the last day of the 11 day trip “open”. He deemed it “Nikki Day”. This consisted of all things Nikki wanted, including beachside bars, fine dining, laying at the pool… and not to forget more drinks at the beach. As the sun was setting Ben suggested going to the room to finish our drinks, enjoy the sunset and start getting ready for dinner. Once on the balcony, Nicole was standing at the rail looking out at the ocean and Ben walked up to behind her and said, “I’ve said yes to you all day; will you say yes to one thing for me”. Nikki turned around to ask “sure what is it?” and Ben was on one knee. He asked and Nikki very excitedly said yes (it has been nine years… haha).


Thank you to all the incredible vendors that made this day the perfect one it was:

Wedding Venue: Duncan Estate

Hair and Makeup: Cotton Rouge and Company
Caterer: Carolina BBQ
Event Rentals: Classic Event Rental

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