Thanks for checking out Lauren and Norman’s Wedding at Commerce Club!!

How they met:

We met in the fall of 2016 when he started working at the same company as me (Elliott Davis). In January 2017, he asked me out but I told him no because I didn’t think it would be wise to date a co-worker! We became friends after that, but he never gave up! He changed jobs in November 2017 and he convinced me to give us a chance and here we are almost five years later!


And when the big question was asked…

Norman invited me to go on a trip to Charleston with his parents and himself for the weekend to celebrate New Year’s. On New Year’s Eve, we were walking through the French Quarter with his parents when his mom “noticed” a super pretty alley and said she wanted to take pictures there. I walked down the alley looking at the pretty architecture and next thing I saw, Norman was kneeling with a ring box in his hand! The alley is actually named Philadelphia Alley and it is so pretty!


Wedding Venue: Commerce Club

DJ: Complete Carolinas
Wedding Planner: Complete Carolinas
Florist: Inn Season
Hair and Makeup: Cotton Rouge & Company
Photo Booth: Complete Carolinas
Wedding Dress: The Dress Bridal Boutique

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