Clemson Botanical Gardens | Leah + Andy | Engaged | Greenville SC Wedding Photographer

Leah + Andy Engaged | Clemson Botanical Gardens | Greenville SC Wedding Photographer

When you are near the Clemson area, there are some pretty incredible places to take some amaZing Engagement Photography! Leah and Andy came to us from the Wedding Festivals Show, and were super excited to have the engagement session at The South Carolina Botanical Gardens.

Leah and Andy's story of faith and waiting for the right person and is truly touching and special (you can with the engagement video here that explains it all).

At the session, Leah brought along some fantastic props, including some great signs that really meant a lot to her. After we took some pretty incredible pictures at the gardens, we headed over to Madrin Center to capture some amazing shots by the lake! (until a sudden rain storm drove us inside!)

Greenville SC Wedding Photographers Stephen & Kimberly of team FamZing Photography & Video dodged the rain and wind long enough to be able to really capture Leah & Andy's connection. We are really looking forward to spending the big day with them!

Feel free to gush over how cute these two are in some of our favorite shots! Contact us today to be your Wedding Professionals.