Thanks for checking out Erika and Logan’s Wedding Day at Willow Creek Plantation!!

Here is their story:

Erika’s old boss hired the company that Logan works for to come and install their electronics and to show them how they work. They upgraded. Logan came to their old shop first to set everything up and let them get used to the new system then a couple of weeks later they would come back and switch everything to the new shop. When he came to the old shop to set up, he thought Erika was married because she had to sit at her bosses desk at the time but he realized she wasn’t when they got to the new shop and he asked for Erika’s first and last name because “Charter need it”. He friended Erika on Facebook on that Thursday night, talked all day Friday and went on their first date the Sunday after Halloween which was that Saturday of the same week. Kept going from there!

And When the Big Question Was Asked…

Erika and Logan went to Tennessee for their three year anniversary to see the Rock Gardens, tour the caves, go on a dinner cruise and just relax. He planned to propose to Erika on the cruise dinner but they got in an argument plus it was a very overcast and rainy day and he said he wanted it to be sunny, etc. So the next day, they go through the gardens and to see the Seven States Rock and he asks Erika there at the end of their day there!!

Wedding Venue: Willow Creek Plantation

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