Thanks for checking out Joyce and Gerry’s Wedding at St. Mary Magdalene Catholic Church and Saskatoon!

How they met:

Gerry and Joyce met through a mutual friend during one of her friends birthday dinner. He introduced the two together and he gave Gerry her number. They started talking and went out for lunch and dinner, trying to know each other better. The rest is history.

And when the big question was asked…

Gerry loves to cook and he would invite friends to come over. One weekend he planned a backyard party at home and invited some of their close friends. After everybody had eaten their dinner, Gerry called everybody’s attention like he’s going to give a speech. He then handed Joyce a card and when she opened it, inside was an engagement ring. Everybody was taken by surprise especially Joyce!


Wedding Venues: St. Mary Magdalene Catholic Church | Saskatoon

Caterer: Saskatoon
Wedding Cake: The Bakery Off Augusta

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