Thanks for checking out Janeesha and Fiona’s Wedding at Hilton Greenville!!

How they met:

Two of their friends had a get together at their home. From the moment Janeesha sat down next to Fiona and introduced herself, they talked the whole night so much that when they looked up finally, they were getting stared at by their friends. From that day forward Janeesha asked Fiona for her number and they went on many dates from then on.

And when the big question was asked…

Janeesha took Fiona on a dinner date while one of their bridesmaids and matron of honor set of a candle lit display with a “will you marry me Fiona” lit up display. When they left from dinner, Janeesha gave Fiona a blind fold. Once they got to their proposal destination, she walked her down the purple aisle runner (which is her favorite color). Got on one knee behind her as she took off the blind fold BUT jokes on Janeesha, she also had a ring waiting for her as well so she turned around and proposed to Janeesha too!


Wedding Venue: Hilton Greenville

Florist: A Touch of Essence
Wedding Cake: Couture Cakes of Greenville
Caterer: DJ 2X
Wedding Planner: A Touch of Essence

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