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How they met:

Sarah and Sean met online. Sean was a little stand offish at first. She didn’t think he was interested but Sarah was wrong! They met in person after about 2-3 weeks of talking because he traveled for work. The first time they met was spontaneous and he was in basketball shorts and ugly flip flops and Sarah was like “what did I get myself into..” They then went on a “real date” two days later and he was dressed nice and treated her like a princess from day one! Sarah and Sean quickly fell in love and spent every free minute together since then.

And when the big question was asked…

It was the Friday before Sarah’s birthday in December and Sean wanted to take a road trip to Pretty Place. He talked about going there the whole time they were dating. Sarah was suspicious but not 100% sure. Little did she know after being there in the COLD for 45 min Sean asked to FaceTime his mom. Sarah then noticed that Sean had his mom, dad and stepmom on the call.  She then heard her niece say “mama” and look to the top of the stairs and he has her parents, one of her brothers family and her cousin and her family there! Sarah found out later that not only did he ask her father if he could marry Sarah but he asked all three of her brothers which was so special, being the youngest and only girl, Sarah’s brothers mean the world to her! He got on one knee and asked, and Sarah took the ring straight from him! One amazing thing about Sarah and Sean is that they both waited for the right one. Sean is 40 and Sarah is 38. Neither have been married before and neither have children so as their wedding hashtag says… it was #worththewait!

Wedding Venue: Grand Holland Estate

Hair and Makeup: Carolina Collective
Wedding Cake: Deliteful Bitefuls
DJ: Cliff Field
Wedding Dress: Madison Carolina Bridal

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