Famzing had the opportunity to take some shots of Terri and Kaylee’s fantastic wedding day at The Davenport.

How They Met:

Every few years my family grabs a big group of women and goes on a cruise. I didn’t want to go, but I love my mom so I went with my mom and aunt. Kaylee went as a friend with one of the other gals when someone else backed out. Technically, we met at 5 am in a grocery store parking lot but didn’t talk or hang out because I’m pretty shy and keep to myself. My mom wanted souvenir cups for all the grand kids so I got very drunk on Mai Tais and drunk Terri is a chatty gal and has no sense of personal space. I walked up behind Kaylee and put my arm around her while she was looking at the pictures and she hasn’t been able to get rid of me since.

The Proposal:

I had a whole thing planned that I was going to propose to her on our first day at Disney in front of the castle. Then I figured out that she was planning on proposing to me too. I was guessing, but figured she would propose at Epcot, on our 2nd day, in front of Baymax (We saw Big Hero Six on our first date). So I waited, to give her the moment. We get to Baymax and she insists that I have my picture taken with him by myself. While I’m doing so she tells the photographer that she’s going to propose. She walks over to me and drops to her knee, pulls out a ring box, and asks me to marry her. So I join her on my knee and pull out a ring box of my own.

The Events at the Davenport wedding ceremony was perfect.

The celebration moved onto the reception area, and our night came to a close with saying goodbye and enjoying watching the guest dance the night away!