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How they met:

Tiffany and Parsh met at work! Parsh came in as a transfer from another one of their company’s locations and the casual conversations began. He’s on the sarcastic side – always lol – so he of course gave Tiffany sarcasm, but she saw flirtation. He was new to the area and as it turns out, they had a lot in common, so Tiffany showed Parsh around the town. They discovered that they lived right around the corner from each other, which led to them learning that they were both single and loved different tastes of culture.

And when the big question was asked…

Tiffany and Parsh got engaged on Tiffany’s birthday weekend in Savannah, GA. It was of course a surprise because she figured they were in Savannah to celebrate her birthday! They went to dinner and upon returning to the hotel to play games, a special “birthday” playlist was playing and there was a piñata hanging up. Tiffany was blindfolded and began hitting the piñata. Once it opened, several of her favorite things fell out, along with a small box. Inside of the box was a candy ring pop, and down on one knee was Parsh pouring his heart out to Tiffany with the perfect proposal, and an actual ring. She was speechless and in shock because he led her to believe it was not happening, when in fact, IT was happening!

Wedding Venue: Embassy Suites

Wedding Dress: The Dress Bridal Boutique

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