Thanks for checking out Stephanie and Allen’s Wedding at Cleveland Park!!

How they met:

We met at church.  I am 16 years older and have known him since he was a kid but we never really spoke to each other until he was in his 20’s and asked me to help him on the church van loaded with teenagers during Vacation Bible School week.  We became best friends from that point on.  It was later that we began to date.

And when the big question was asked…

Our proposal story is really low key as it was just the two of us with no one around to take pictures or witness it.  The plan for the day was that we were going to go to my Mom’s for an early dinner on New Years Eve.  He was supposed to pick me up at my house around 4:15.  He showed up at 3:00.  He called before he arrived and said that he found 2 other Christmas gifts that he had purchased and forgot about and was bringing them over but that these gifts were not wrapped.  When he arrived, he asked me to go in to another room in the house so he could prepare the gifts.  He covered one of the gifts with a blanket and told me to come in to the living room but I had to close my eyes.  He walked behind me with his hands over my eyes and then told me to unveil the gift covered by the blanket.  It was a painting of me and my Dad with my Dad walking me down the aisle just like it was our wedding.  I couldn’t hardly speak and when I turned around, Allen was on one knee and asked me to marry him.  It is important to note that my Dad passed away in 2006 so this was a very special gift.  Also, the ring that he gave me is an heirloom ring that belonged to a woman that used to go to our church.  She and her husband never had children and everyone always said I was their pick of the kids in church at that time.  When they both died, they had an estate sale and afterwards, a couple of us from the church went to the bank where we were given what was left to us in her will.  An estate person came in and offered us some items to buy that was left over from the estate sale and Mary’s engagement ring was available to purchase.  It was just me and a friend and the friend bought “Mary’s ring”.  Our friend wore the ring one day when we went to visit her family (when her brother had passed away from Covid) and I asked to see it and told her that I wish I could have bought it but was not financially able to at that time that we were at the bank.  Allen heard this and called her and asked her if he could purchase the ring.  She said that if the ring was for me, yes, she would sell it to him.  He took it to a master jeweler and had it reset and cleaned up and the rest is history!!


Wedding Venue: Whitney Free Will Baptist Church + Cleveland Park

Wedding Planner: Charming the Carolinas
Wedding Cake: Cakes by Susan
Catering: The Junction
Florist: Forevermore Farm Florals
Wedding Dress: David’s Bridal


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