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Posted by summer on April 3, 2017


The Loom at Cotton Mill Place is such a great place to get married, and it is no surprise as to why Emily and David chose it.

#teamfamzing started the day with capturing all of the details of Emily's dress. It was Strapless off-white with a Bejeweled sash.

We captured some very handsome photographs of David as he got ready for the big moment. He was feeling happy and recalled their love story of how they met in high school, and how he loved to watch Emily in her roller derby matches!

The big moment arrived, and we loved the look on David's face when he saw Emily for the first time. He was nothing but tears and smiles. 

The Loom at Cotton Mill Place wedding ceremony was perfect. 

Our night continued and from the first dance to the last dance everyone had a wonderful time! We even 

To top of the night, the food was catered by Buckys BBQ and was unique and delicious all at the same time!. The Cake provided by Speckled Cakes was not only beautiful, but was delicious.

Our night came to a close with photographing them leaving with a Sparkler Exit! Give Emily and David some love in the comments below to help them win some awesome wedding stuff!

Special thanks to the vendors that made the day a huge success!

Officiant: David Rutland

Cake Vendor: Speckled Cakes

Hair Stylist: Angel Blanton

Make-Up Artist: Kiira Long

Event Coordinator or Planner: Erin Wilder

Flower Vendor: Expressions

Event Rentals: PPR

Caterer of Food: Buckys BBQ

Photo Booth: FamZing Photography


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